Spot Fading Trio Bundle (Sensitive Skin)

Spot Fading Trio Bundle (Sensitive Skin)
Spot Fading Trio Bundle (Sensitive Skin)
Spot Fading Trio Bundle (Sensitive Skin)
Spot Fading Trio Bundle (Sensitive Skin)

Spot Fading Trio Bundle (Sensitive Skin)

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An essential part of every skincare routine!

Applying a face cream & serum at night & day is one of the number one keys to healthy, glowing skin no matter what the season, your age, or skin type. Just as our bodies require us to hydrate with water, so does our skin. 

That’s exactly why you need our Spot Fading Skin Repair Face Cream & Serum. With this sensitive skin formula, you will receive the exact same results as the original Spot Fading retinol formula. The difference is that, this formula does not contain Retinol & that being said, you will not have to worry about your sensitive skin being irritated which is a normal reaction when using retinol. Although the retinol formula does speed up results a little faster, if you have sensitive skin then this sensitive skin formula is better for you. Also, the original Spot Fading Repair retinol formula is a night time formula whereas, this sensitive skin formula can be used at night & day. Not only does it lift and remove dead skin from your face, giving you a healthy fullness, but consistent use of this cream & serum also has the long-term effect of decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This face cream & serum is the perfect way to perk up your skin! 


This Set Includes:

  • Fresh Face Cleanser
  • Spot Fading, Repair Cream (Sensitive Skin)
  • Spot Fading, Repair Serum (Sensitive Skin)

Key Benefits:

  • Evens skin tone & gives natural glow 
  • Treats acne scars and pigmentation without irritation 
  • Ultra-hydrating for dry skin
  • Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lifts and removes dead skin without flakiness 

For Best Results:

  1. For use as day & night cream, apply 2 pumps.
  2. Massage gently onto face. Avoid contact with eyes to prevent discomfort.

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