Boujie Smooth, Face Scrub

Boujie Smooth, Face Scrub

Boujie Smooth, Face Scrub

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Create an amazing look with this game-changing face scrub! 

Transform the look of your skin with our Boujie Smooth, Face Scrub. It features a light peeling effect which is a gentle way to slough away dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, smooth complexion! 

This face scrub is a safe and effective way to remove dead skin and sweep it away, so your complexion appears smoother, softer, and Radiant! 

Weekly use helps improve the appearance of blemishes and shrink clogged pores. If you have skin that is prone to dryness and flaking, this facial scrub is exactly what you need to hydrate and repair your skin cells leaving you with soft, healthy skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Exfoliates skin to remove dead skin cells
  • Shrinks clogged pores
  • Hydrates and repairs skin cells
  • Visibly smooths skin surface and improves skin texture
  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

For Best Results:

  1. Wash face and apply 1 tsp of face scrub.
  2. Gently massage onto face. Avoid contact with eyes to prevent discomfort.
  3. Rinse face gently and follow up with face mask, serum, and face cream.
  4. Face scrub should be used once a week.

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